Hello, I’m Jeremy and Stuart Mill English is my site. I’ve been teaching English for over ten years. I’ve also managed at an ESL college, trained teachers, and developed curriculum. I got my MBA a few years ago as a way to learn the language of business and develop this site.

When I began Stuart Mill in 2010, I was just focused on Business English lessons. I was thinking of the Business English student who couldn’t find a good teacher, who studied but never improved. Since then, the products have expanded (I also edit things and write things) and my vision for Stuart Mill has become clearer and clearer.

I want to build a company that helps people communicate. The world is full of passionate people who fail not because they don’t work hard, but because someone doesn’t understand them. That might mean not being able to give a presentation in fluent English. Or it might mean not being able to answer questions after the presentation. It might mean a misunderstood email or an application letter with grammar errors.

There are countless ways communication can break down. I’d like to help just in general, but I’m specifically focused on international business communication. The world isn’t globalizing. The world is globalized. Koreans work with Brazilians to develop technology. French companies open factories in Vietnam. And on and on and on. But it’s all still relatively new and clear communication is rare. That’s costing everyone time and money.

As far as products go, I offer Business English lessons. Some of the lessons specialize in marketing or accounting or what not, but most have a more general focus. I help students build the communication skills they need for work. Of those skills, the big skill is writing — emails are the thread that runs through our working days — so my main course is on Business Writing. I also edit documents and write white papers. I love being able to take complicated ideas and make them seem simple.

So, what is this site about? It’s about this simple idea that education and communication can make all the difference in the world.

I, for one, couldn’t be more excited about that.

Jeremy Schaar

Founder and Teacher Stuart Mill English

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Contact: jeremy [at] stuartmillenglish [dot] com