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Send us your document and we’ll edit it for you. If you’re happy, we’ll send you the bill. Sometimes, like with an application essay, we need to send the document back and forth a few times. That’s no problem. You don’t pay until you’re satisfied.

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$30/300 words

You can save some money if you set up an account with us. Deposit $250 to start and we’ll edit documents for you until the account hits zero. Checking your balance and adding money is easy. It’s a great option for students with many writing assignments.

(1 page is about 300 words)

“I think that my statement of purpose is changed much better, as if remodeling. It’s like eye-opening experience!!!!”

Kim Hyun Joong, South Korea

“Korea AgraFood has been able to produce high-quality articles with the assistance of these English editing experts. Thanks to their professionalism, our articles receive favorable evaluations all around the world. Our readers say that the articles of AgraFood are written in easy to understand yet sophisticated English. We are planning to continuously use their services.”

Korea AgraFood reporter Sung-eun Park

“Thank you very much! I could see that you revised one-by-one very carefully and respected my original meanings and intentions. I really appreciate it.”

Insil Kang, South Korea